Celebrity Hangover | Upon Reflection (2017)


Based out of San Diego, Celebrity Hangover are a four piece melodic punk rock band originally from Ireland. Back in the early noughties, Celebrity Hangover would act as support band for the bigger touring punk bands when they would play in Belfast. In 2005, the band went to So Cal, USA, on a potential record deal but the guy turned out to be a prick so they played a few shows and told him to go fuck himself! A couple of weeks after landing back in Ireland with their tails between their legs all of their equipment was stolen and that was that. Now, nearly 15 years later, Celebrity Hangover are back, are old as fuck but ready to enjoy every minute!

INFLUENCES/SOUND: Imagine a cross between Goldfinger & Bad Religion. Now massively lower your expectations and you have Celebrity Hangover.


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Questions? Email us at: info@celebrityhangover.com